Kate Levinson - Owner

Kate Levinson values honesty and coming through on her commitments above all things. She loves every minute of her work. Kate wants to help make awesome ads and build beautiful relationships. She strives to bring joy to the lives of those who surround her. Some may think that staring into people's windows at night is creepy, Kate thinks that any way to find the perfect location is her duty. Kate Levinson resides in Chicago with her husband that she calls Moose, her cat Snacks and a sock monkey named Mexico.

Her other business venture is MoPro Chicago.  Together, Kate and her husband have outfitted a full service production vehicle for your on-location shoots. 






Lydia Tanev


Lydia brings sixteen years of operations, sales and finance experience to KLL. She thrives on competition, complex challenges, and coming up with ideas that make things better. She is an obsessive list maker, exceedingly clumsy, and a fount of endless questions.

She has lived in the mountains (where she hitchhiked to work daily), has seen much of the U.S., and spent 2015 traveling abroad, including a 500-mile walk across Spain.

Born and raised on Chicago's South Side, Lydia recently returned to her hometown after spending many years in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. When not on location, you can find her behind a book or in a museum.







A natural born explorer with a penchant for collaboration and efficiency, Annie Clark was meant to do this job. Her faith in humanity is encouraged constantly by the willingness of strangers to help, and open their lives to the beautiful chaos of commercial productions. Annie is focused on improvement- at Levinson Locations, in the industry, in the world.

Currently performing a dual role of Location Project Manager and Business Development Lead, Annie is equally excited about making your project a success and thoughtfully expanding the market for Levinson Locations. 

As for the fun stuff: Annie drives fast cars, loves off-roading, mentors high-school students and aspires to cuddle all the animals.







Emily is competitive, handy, and up for any adventure you can think of. Coming from an events production background, she prides herself on the ability to anticipate logistical needs in advance, and improvise on the fly when necessary. Her love of clean and concise communication and her keen eye for detail bring new insights to the Levinson Locations philosophy.

She is a transplant from Washington state but has made her home in Bucktown. She still spends as much time as she can rock climbing, and can start a campfire faster than anyone she knows.







Andrew Kusznir


Andrew is a "roll up your sleeves" kind of guy. Born and raised on the Northwest side of the City of Big Shoulders, he brings his neighborhood mindset and values wherever he goes. Coming from a commercial photography background, he knows the twists and turns of a production and will always find a way to make it work. He embraces the process of scouting and managing locations and finds fulfillment in the people he meets along the way. With experience in the industry, he isn't just managing when he's on set, he's an extra set of hands.

When Andrew is not on set, you can find him hanging out on a his front stoop watching cars forget that there's a speed bump. He's not a by-the-book outdoor enthusiast, but he loves rambling, exploring, and taking deep breaths of that fresh open air. He also makes a mean Bolognese sauce.








Jennie Frake


Jennie is a Chicagoland native and values the power authenticity and creative flow. She prides herself on the ability to adapt to any challenge on set or in the scouting process, and finds inspiration in the interesting humans she meets along the way. 

Jennie likes to find humor in the little things and when she's not on the job she can be found building her spice tolerance through Thai food and navigating Chicago on a Divvy bike or paddle-board. She will one day have tasted all the cuisines of the world through her travels and adventures. 










Bri Malkowski


With a background in creative producing, Bri was able to transition into the role of Location Coordinator with ease and style. There's nothing Bri likes more than supporting her team and helping see a project through start to finish. Her people person attitude and eagerness to learn has made her an asset on the team. A multitasking wizard, Bri is the glue that holds the office together. 

When she's not out running around for work, in her platform shoes no doubt, you can find her re-watching the 3rd Harry Potter movie, dying her hair yet another hue of the rainbow, or perfecting the best vegan curry. 















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